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- meeting -
  • The kick off meeting was hold in Clermont-Ferrand (France) the 13-14 february 2003.
  • The workshop aiming to establish a common strategy for identification of critical points in the process and standardisation of sampling procedures was hold in Monells (Spain) the 27-28 march 2003.
  • The second meeting was hold in Athens (Greece) the 18-19 september 2003.
  • The third meeting was hold in Teramo (Italy) the 15-16 march 2004.
  • The fourth meeting was hold in Kosice (Slovakia) the 14-15 october 2004.
  • The fifth meeting was hold in Lisboa (Portugal) the 31 march and 1st april 2005.
  • The final meeting was hold in Paris (France) the 12-13 december 2005.

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