SiriusQuality2 (SQ2) is a process-based model that simulates the phenology and canopy development of small grain cereals and the fluxes of water, nitrogen and carbon in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum in response to weather and crop management. SQ2 has been developed and calibrated for spring and winter bread wheat and durum wheat, but can also simulate the growth of most small grain cereals, including barley, oat, rice, and triticale. SQ2 provides a modern user friendly graphical interface that provides several tools to setup complex multi-runs and for parameter optimization (model calibration) and uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. SQ2 console (command-line interface) is also available.

SQ2 is a component based model. The model components are developed with the software framework BioMA.
SiriusQuality2 flow chart

SiriusQuality2 flow chart

SQ2 is freely available only for academic research purposes.

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